Online Cognitive Tests that you can try here & now

Welcome to Oxford Cognition. This research includes a series of validated cognitive tasks that measures a wide range of cognitive functions, including memory, concentration, searching, planning and decision-making skills. With your help, we will better understand how the human brain works.

Do you want to try the full battery? Click the button below to start. You need Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser. Do it on laptop or iPad/tablet. Try to avoid phone, its screen is too small!

Here are some examples of tests in use. Click each icon to read more and try the test now. We have collected hundreds of normative data for each task and validated them with in person testing (combined with ACE and MoCA assessments). Please contact Dr Sijia Zhao ( for more details.

Oxford Memory Test
Rey-Osterrieth Figure
Verbal learning memory
Digit Symbol Substitution
Tower of London
Simple Reaction Time
Option Generation


These tasks are developed by Cognitive Neurology Research Group from University of Oxford. If you have any questions or queries about the tasks, please contact Dr Sijia Zhao (